In my final year of university, the main focus of my Computer Science degree was Artificial Intelligence. I decided to take this into my dissertation project and combine this with my passion for the classic arcade game, Pac-Man.

Below you will see screenshots and further information on the end product I created, an Automated Pac-Man. Yes, this time the tables were turned upon the ghosts where the entire game itself was played between AI. It was a very interesting project and you can see how the project developed over time with more complex iterations. Developed in the Netlogo, it was awarded a First Class Honors, contributing considerably to my overall First Class in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) degree.

Please note: if you download my work, you will need Netlogo to run it, found here

automated pac-man fullscreen

automated pac-man level one

automated pac-man level two

automated pac-man level three in netlogo


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