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Here Is the Old ebb3 Website

When I joined ebb3, I knew I’d need to refresh the dated design. I found glaring errors and knew my skill could seize this opportunity. In short, I found the following in need of desperate attention:

  1. The homepage didn’t describe what the company did. There’s great emphasis on gaming, whereas ebb3 are specialists in VDI solutions for graphically intensive industries.
  2. The images used throughout the site are stock photos, often not demonstrating the right messaging or simply a default image in a theme.
  3. Mistakes strewn across the website, with hidden text and logos in plain sight
  4. Unoptimised for mobile
  5. A severe lack of content and ideas. A mere 4 page website that had no goal
  6. No Google Analytics implementation
  7. Dated plugins and themes, causing performance + security issues
  8. The about page lacking any content
  9. Blog posts are uninspiring, with no imagery.
  10. No schema implementation
  11. Unused domains that could easily have been redirected to main .com domain.
  12. Lack of backups of the site
  13. Lack of caching/performance optimisation
  14. Overall lack of goal for the website
  15. Drab design – lack of colour co-ordination + company fonts
ebb3 homepage part 1 - ebb3.com Website Development
ebb3 homepage part 2 - ebb3.com Website Development
ebb3 about - ebb3.com Website Development
ebb3 blog - ebb3.com Website Development
ebb3 contact - ebb3.com Website Development

I could go on and on about the improvements needed for the old ebb3.com website. But it's time I reveal the work I completed while working as an IT Support Analyst.

screencapture ebb3 2020 08 04 07 48 37 scaled - ebb3.com Website Development

A Homepage that Works

Tailored marketing messages on the homepage of the new ebb3.com website that describes exactly what ebb3 do. Outlining the benefits of the package ebb3 offer, as well as call to action links that provide the website with purpose. The homepage is broken up into sections taht read well, and direct the user around all the corners of the website, now with a lot more content.

The site features ebb3 colour pallette throughout, making the most of the Muli font the comopany has as their branding guidelines. Fresh animation sparked life into the website too, offering premium web design for their target market.

An About Us Page that is About Us!

The services that ebb3 have to offer made the company sit down and have a hard think about specifically, what products do we want to advertise on our website to the world?

It was clear the board wanted the vision and mission of ebb3 to be prominent on the about us page, as well as functionality to show the leading technology partners.

The site is now proudly shown off infront of the likes of Dell, Nvidia, Citrix and VMware when scouting for new opportunities.

screencapture ebb3 about ebb3 2020 08 04 06 33 16 scaled - ebb3.com Website Development
screencapture ebb3 free your team 2020 08 04 06 33 37 scaled - ebb3.com Website Development

Landing page

Lack of a goal was a clear concern when seeing the previous website. There was no way for ebb3 to gain valuable information like obtaining leads through their previous iteration of website.

Free Your Team was the slogan created with the help of a local marketing agency that captured what ebb3 was trying to sell. With this in mind, I created the following landing page, that was as beautioful as the rest of the website – but with the sole intention of retaining the users attention, and offering ebb3 to obtain leads.

This page alone has outperformed the previous whole website, and in the first few months of being live, already attracted a number of leads for the business.

screencapture ebb3 portfolio item sportpesa 2020 08 04 06 33 59 scaled - ebb3.com Website Development
screencapture ebb3 blog 2020 08 04 06 34 40 scaled - ebb3.com Website Development
screencapture ebb3 careers 2020 08 04 06 35 17 - ebb3.com Website Development
screencapture ebb3 contact us 2020 08 04 06 35 00 - ebb3.com Website Development
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