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ebb3 craved a new intranet design when I first joined the company. Dated in its looks and inefficient in it’s design, I hopped into web development to bring out a class Intranet system.

By performing the work required for this project, I have vastly improved my skills in SharePoint, managing a website within SharePoint and access control. All of which, is detailed further below…

Old Intranet System

Design is Everything

First impressions at a company can be everything. It can affect staff morale, retention and future investments. So when I first saw the ebb3 intranet, I knew something had to be changed. To the right, is their original system.

The SharePoint hosted intranet was basic. There were a few thrown together links to Document Libraries and that’s about as far as it had gone. There was no consideration for mobile devices, nor user experience.

2019 04 13 19 35 58  - ebb3 Intranet

Design, Innovate, Transform

I seized the opportunity to add value to ebb3. Jumping in at the deep-end, I threw myself into SharePoint and a few weeks later, we had an impressive intranet system for this up and coming virtual reality company.

It was swiftly snapped up by the owners of the cutting edge company, to bring their internal systems up to the modern age.

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Quick Links

Quick Links feature prominently in the new design of Intranet at ebb3. Accessible by the whole company, we have one place to consolidate the growth that both the virtual reality market and our company are experiencing.

These links can be tweaked over time and referred to in company guide documentation; making it much easier for new starters to settle in. This time saved helps staff find their feet quick, keeping up with the pace of such a dynamic company.

Document Libraries

Now accessible and manageable in one smooth window. Keeping on top of documents and guides has never been easier at ebb3.

The ability to upload, edit and manage document libraries is next to seamless. What would normally be a case of having multiple tabs to manage multiple document libraries, is now all a part of the homepage of the intranet.

Recent Documents and Recently Updated Documents are available at a glance, personalised to the individual as well as viewing work performed by others.

Company News

Prior to my Intranet release, there was no productive way of sharing company news internally. The previous system involved sending emails to a distribution list. There was no way of determining who had read these emails, new staff were forgotten to be added to this and it was impossible to go back and read historical news.

The intranet I have designed for ebb3 includes functionality to share Company News with ease. The latest articles are shared on the homepage, while further information can be read in the article. Analytics and sharing functionality provides a modern, consistent and appropriate way to share Company News internally.

- ebb3 Intranet

Customer-facing updates that would otherwise go unnoticed by staff is now front and center. The new intranet design means employees are knowledgeable about the latest customer updates; meaning better service and true interest between employee and employer.


The SharePoint based intranet has been designed with the future in mind. Responsive to all screen types, the new intranet works on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

It’s an intranet designed for the modern age where on the go access is key.


The new intranet, Intranet 2.0 affectionately coined by staff, offers groundbreaking features for the company. Shared drives and folders mean for better management of sharing documents within ebb3.  What used to be emailing of sensitive documents is a thing of the past. Shared drives with managed backups is the way forward, brought together by the intranet I created for ebb3.

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