Aliencraft Flash Video Game

Aliencraft is perhaps my most exciting project to date. It’s my first video game I have developed. As a kid; I never even knew it could be so exciting and people are actually paid to do this. It was a project that started out as a university project where the specification was to design a 2D side scrolling shooter. Since graduation, I have taken Aliencraft to the next level and enjoy developing the game in my spare time.

  • Unique bosses and enemies where the player has to react and engage the enemies in a particular way to defeat the level
  • Consumables appear during gameplay for the player to activate power ups
  • Themed levels with scrolling backgrounds
  • Deep level of upgrades for the player that affect overall gameplay and feel to the game
  • Unlockable characters and ships
  • A few easter eggs (hush, hush)
  • High scores
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aliencraft level 1 src - Aliencraft
aliencraft level 1 boss src - Aliencraft
aliencraft upgrades src - Aliencraft
aliencraft level 2 unlockable chars src - Aliencraft
aliencraft tutorial src - Aliencraft


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