Work In Progress

My Junk Drawer. It contains the inner workings of my projects. Expect to find messy code, random experiments and fun projects on this cutting room floor.

Paul Abdullah Soundboard

Man, I love this project. For there are sometimes in life, particularly when in COVID-19 lockdown, where you need to make people laugh. And this project was just that.

A childhood friend of mine Paul, has so many catchphrases that I’ve always wanted a soundboard to have him anywhere I go. And I paid for his voice recordings to make my very own Soundboard app. I Frankenstein’d my earlier created Maths Game to become the basis of my very own Soundboard and during a week of lockdown, made this delight. 

In a week, I made a responsive soundboard web app that works on any device. It has cool UI elements, like randomly allocating photos to the buttons and having random chance of which voiceline you get from each button too. I sprinkled in some gaming magic to the game too, implemtning a scoring mechanism, highscores, lifetime scores and easter eggs. 


Unity C# Game – DODGEBLOCK

I’m dipping my toes in to my dream career – to become a video game programmer. This is the first of my many game projects that I will put together with the help of tutorials. Download the game below and install on your PC!

There’s plenty that’s missing with this game, I am aware. Sounds, meaningful scores, leaderboards and levels; however I wish to churn out more and more projects than get caught up in one like I did with Aliencraft


Maths Game

Here’s a maths game I’ve made in HTML, CSS and Javascript. It’s part of an online course I’m on and is an accumulation of learning the intricacies of these technologies while I seek to grow as a web developer.

Give it a shot and see if you can beat my high score, 23!



At university, I had a Flash coursework set: a side-scrolling shooter game. Since then, I have gone to develop more fun features for the game. With different levels, bosses, enemies this is my first toe in the water of making video games. Unlockable ships and high-scores are a couple of other cool features that took an age to get my head around. Still, I love it.

It’s got a lot more work to go, so mind the bugs. I present to you, Aliencraft.


Here’s a zip file of the work I’ve done to better learn HTML. Many of the files break down the integral parts of HTML in to separate files.


I break down different elements of CSS, how they function and are attached to HTML files. Delve into my code to see how it all works. Or… Just open the files up. Some are pretty weird.


I delve into the functionality in this bit. Seeing how websites are interactive and provide cool new features like cookies… Mmm. Cookies.


JQuery was a step into the unknown for me. I had little idea of what it was but as you’ll find in my zip file, I’ve made some snazzy stuff.

Fruit Ninja Game

I knocked this game up over the course of a day. It’s part of an online training course I’m on but I extended it further with some cool features. It’s by no means perfect, but it has sound effects, a variety of fruits, escalating difficulty level, bonus lives and bombs. Watch out for the bombs… You don’t want to slash those.


Professional Website Project

This is a handmade website, where I put my HTML, CSS and particularly Bootstrap skills to the test. Though the images could be better, this isn’t about looking good. It’s about functionality. Try resizing and see how it adapts to different device sizes. Mmm.

Professional Website

More to come…

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