An original story about a fly, who escapes Earth and travels the solar system, in search of his dream.

Paperback and eBook, suitable for ages 7 – 11

Published January 2023

The Fly Who Flew Too High

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The Perfect Picturebook for Kids Aged 7-11!

The Fly Who Flew Too High is my first forray into the world of kids books. The original story follows our beloved character, Freddy as he aspires to transend the world of noise and into his dream – our solar system.

From the Back Page

Freddy the fly was just like any other bug.

That is until, he was annoyed by the sounds of the birds and bees in the sky.

Freddy takes a memorable trip to space and explores our solar system to catch a break from the noise and live his wildest dreams…

Author Comments

I loved working on this passion project. Dedicated to Rosie, my first born, the stars aligned for an out-of-this-world children’s story. My second Authorship venture takes me beyond my There’s No Place Like Summer Camp market, but that makes it all the more exciting. I believe this book is fantastic for insect loving kids or children who love space travel.


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