It’s been a solid 6 month stint since my last blog post. How on Earth it’s been that long I’ll never know. But here we are, Christmas 2018.

I’ll let you in to a secret.

Each and every year since 2010, I’ve recorded a video review of the year. While I have yet to watch them back, I find the idea full of nostalgia of memories I once forgot. This version of a catalog is much more relatable than a diary entry can be. Particularly when you see how the how you’ve changed over the course of years, names of people come and go and spots on your face disappear.

2018 in Review

2018 has been an interesting one for sure. It was the year I moved in with my girlfriend, I got my own pet and the year I went Disneyland Paris. There’s plenty more that went on, but I’ll keep that to myself. Life’s puzzle pieces finally are starting to settle and it feels pretty darn good.

Moving on to Christmas, I’m pretty buzzing as I am every year. It’s the first where I am hosting the event, what a responsibility!

It’s a sign of the changing times really, and being 26 years old now is plain ancient in my books. As for what I want for Christmas? It’s all about spending some quality time with the family. It all changes after you start to earn an income as it’s not about the presents anymore. It’s about making memories.

Onwards to 2019

What 2019 will bring? Who knows. All I do know is that one of my best friends is now in the country, having travelled from New Zealand. Every time I see his cute face, I’m still blown away by surreality. So travels abroad will pretty much be guaranteed with some incredible mates from summer camp.

Speaking of which, 2019 will be the year that There’s No Place Like Summer Camp will come out. For an update, it’s with my editor while we polish. It’s so exciting!

New Projects on the Horizon

I’d like to start a new business in the coming year too. That’s Your Best Bet has been a cool project to run since its inception back in 2012, but a changing landscape for the affiliate gambling industry means that its no longer sensible to continue the work. As such, I’m toying with the idea of taking the website down. That does allow me time for other exciting projects, which I haven’t quite yet put the finger on what that will be yet.

So, yeah, I’m alive. I haven’t forgot about this blog!

I’ll have a think about what + when the next blog post will be. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas.