It’s been a while since the last blog, and it’s about time to address that. So this post is an update on how we’re moving the summer camp book project forward. It’s time to talk quality over quantity.
It grinds my gears when you get stuck into a really good, new TV programme and then out of the blue, it’s pulled by the network. At least, that was back in the day when TV was the powerhouse it once was. I’d like to draw a parallel to my work for There’s No Place Like Summer Camp.
Writing There’s No Place Like Summer Camp has been a work of passion. I’ve been carefully crafting my first book to show the world the inner workings of my summer camp story. And over the same period, I’ve taken up projects to help promote it, to get the name out there and offer advice to budding volunteers.
Sticking to a weekly schedule, one podcast accompanied by a lengthy blog post would be up every Tuesday. A few months went by and I thought ‘what better platform to promote than YouTube?’ So then I was uploading one YouTube video, one podcast and a blog post every Tuesday. Quickly, life got in the way. And honestly? It’s worn me out.

There’s No Place Like Summer Camp Book Update

I’ve seen other authors do the same thing, focusing far too much of their time on things that their reader won’t give two shits about. And once I recognised that same feeling in myself, I knew it was time to take a step back.
It’s an unfortunate place to be in, but I think pulling the plug on such marketing activities would be beneficial for my well-being and the book in the long run. For the last 6 months I haven’t been pouring my time into the content of the very thing I’m so passionate to get on the shelves. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp will come, but I have to emphasise I do have a full-time job. It’ll come when it’s ready and I’m ready.

Quality over Quantity

There’s an old adage in the phrase ‘Quality over quantity’ and I believe that to ring true here.
There’s a slim chance I may revisit this in the future. But for now, I’m putting this routine down to one side. I’ll be keeping the podcast, YouTube content and blog posts up for entertainment, reference and advice.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post, as I’ll return to my usual ramblings. They’ll be coming as and when.
So, I’ll see you about.
Thanks for reading,

Interested in reading more about the summer camp book? Check out There’s No Place Like Summer Camp available for pre-order on the store.