It’s been a while since I last blogged (but hey, I did say they would be as and when!). This one is a bit of a rambling, so if you are to skim read any, this is probably it. So let ‘s begin…

Only recently have my eyes opened up to the saying ‘if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free’. How? Well a couple of ways actually. If you’ve given my portfolio a read, you’ll know that at the time of writing this blog (March 2016) I am mid way through publishing my own book… #excitingtimes indeed. My goal for the book? I have no sales or readership figure to hit. Purely to have it on a shelve (or is it shelf?) is the goal. Simply having it out in the wild for any old Joe to pick up and read is the dream. It’s just one of those things from my bucket list and I’m sure it’ll be many of yours too who read this blog.

As mentioned in my first blog post, I like to seize opportunities and what better time than the present to get this one done. It was an incredible Camp America experience and I fully trust myself that this book will be entertaining and insightful to all. Why am I bringing up the book? Well… pricing. It’s one of the many stages that happen for a author behind the scenes. It’s actually quite overwhelming how many things happen behind the scenes of having your book published. Early on, it was my intention to give away the first 50 or so copies I had professionally printed to those who feature in the book as a thank you.

Believe in yourself

Quickly though, I recognised this was a mistake. Not only was it going to put me way out of pocket, but the real cost would be a mental one. It devalues the product you’re selling. Giving the product away even to the people who feature within it causes an sub-conscious shift in their mindset while reading it and using the best form of marketing, word of mouth. Now there’s probably a really good psychological phrase I’m missing out on here, but it’s definitely a thing…and I only got a C in GCSE Psychology so don’t judge!

Instead, I’ve chosen to have just 5 free copies and they’re circling the globe as I write this. I’m sharing them using hand-me-downs between the very few people who are essential that I get feedback from. I believe it’s the way to go for a sole operation to get a taste for the market. As for the remaining 45 people wanting a book? Well, once the feedback is in, the second (possibly final) edition of the book will be available on this site for next to the cost it takes to make and distribute them. All of the edits will be in place: the design, fontface, introductions, photos and layouts will all be perfected; ready for public release. In computing terminology, think of the current phase I find myself within as Alpha and I’m nearing Beta stage quick.

While these 40+ group of people would pay through the nose to see their name and keepsakes in a book, that isn’t the way to go either. Word of mouth and positive relationships is. It’s a much better way to go.

I guess to sum this blog post up, it’s all about added value, believing in your product and valuing yourself.

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