As many of you know, I’m writing a book about my Camp America experiences. It’s called There’s No Place Like Summer Camp and its designed to spark up the magic summer camp offers to the world. It’s been a long, arduous process and there is plenty more to go. The reasoning for its delay can be found in a previous blog post here. But today I come with some good news. I’m releasing a podcast.

Called There’s No Place Like Summer Camp Podcast, it’s got some really cool content coming up. I know, catchy name right! It will be going through everything to do with summer camp. It’s focused on tips for the newbies, as well as some fun banter for those who have been to summer camp before. I’ll be throwing in my own camp stories too and new episodes will be coming each Tuesday.

101 Summer Camp Tips, Stories and Chats

I’ve set myself the target of doing 101 Summer Camp Tips, Stories and Chats. That means 101 episodes, bringing the closure of the podcast sometime in 2019. It’s ambitious, but I have the passion for it. I’ll hope to have special guests occasionally too and there has been plenty of content in the works already.

So I guess this blog post is to make you aware of my new venture and that this blog is going to be changing slightly from now on. Occasionally, you will find summer camp blog posts here instead of the rambling waffles about life. Sure those blog posts are still going to be posted out, but more often will be the summer camp posts. I hope you enjoy what is to come while I ramp up marketing as the book launch draws ever closer.


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