As mentioned in my last blog post, this one was always going to be dedicated to my bucket list. It’s one that I started to make at the beginning of the year, shortly after this website was made. So far, I have come up with a staggering 52 things I’d love to experience before I die. In no particular order, I’m about to break them down to provide insight into the person behind the portfolio.


Andrew’s Bucket List (in no particular order)

1. Obviously, marry the love of my life – I’ve stated that these are in no particular order but this is definitely number one. Since day dot, I’ve had the desire to find the woman of dreams. There’s no shifting this one off top spot. I’m after the awe-inspiring, beautiful partner.
2. Visit North Pole – The North Pole is strangely a place I’d love to visit. Being part of an exclusive group of people to have visited and meeting Santa Clause himself is something I’d love to check off my bucket list.
3. Have a massive wedding, catching up with all the old friends of days gone – Tying in well with #1, I want to marry when the time is right. By that, I mean the wedding to top all weddings. I only ever want one wedding in my life and there will be no cautious spending here to make my declaration of that. I’d invite all the friends of days gone by, having catch-ups since the years we last met. Going all out for my princess and rekindling old friends.
4. Visit Australia – There’s much to life down under and I’d find it fascinating to visit the country. Just the wildlife alone, friends from summer camp and the threat of drop bears will be enough for me to make the 24 hour flight across the globe!
5. Own a house – It’s a simple one, but has to go on the list nonetheless. I want the flexibility of having my own pad and building my kingdom.
6. Have kids – Ideally two, one son and one daughter.
7. Take kids to Disneyland – I never went as a kid, but I’d love to make my kids dreams come true. Its a bucket list item I’m holding off of for now as I want that giddy feeling when I experience it with them.
8. Record a song, whether that be a cover version or custom – I’m not musical in any way, shape or form. I’d love to one day record a song and openly declare my love for my partner.
9. Learn to play an instrument – Tying in with the above, I’d love to learn an instrument. I never took music seriously at school, but I’d like to learn now.
10. Run a marathon – Always a competent runner, I’d like to run a marathon for charity. I did a 5km run many years ago so fancy my chances of one day testing my stamina to the extreme.
11. Write and release a book – Already being worked upon, I’d love to say that on my deathbed, I gave everything a go. This is one of those things. I’m super excited to have the chance of one day seeing my book in a bookstore.
12. Create a video game – I’m a gamer. I did Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) at university so I could learn how computer controlled players worked in games. While I have made a game already, see portfolio, I’d love to be able to make a game that I can distribute properly one day.
13. Visit the Amazon – Just for the weird kooky wildlife you get there. I’m sure you’d bump in to a couple of tribes too.
14. Ride a helicopter – A small, but essential one on the list. They all count!
15. Visit and gamble in Vegas – Stag do anyone? Ties in well with That’s Your Best Bet ventures too, but in all honesty I just want a crazy break there like the Hangover movies.
16. Visit Japan – A man of technology can’t help but admire Japan. It would be an alien world to a man of the west but I’d love to visit and bask in their culture.
17. Zipline – I’d find it cool one day to do so, but it’ll come eventually.
18. Hot air balloon – Always seemed like a fun way to get from A to B.
19. Snowboard – It’s something I’ve yet to do and everyone who comes back from it says its awesome. Would love to give it a shot and I bet i’ll be on my arse in minutes.
20. Ski – As above.
21. Zorbing – Bring out the inner child in you by rolling in a ball of air down a hill!
22. Visit Bletchley Park – Experiencing where modern computing came to be, particularly after studying the course excites me. I’m sure a lot of it will go over my head but there’s only one way to find out.
23. Be a best man – From one man to a fellow man, this is any mans dream.
24. Own an Arcade Shop – I’d love to own an arcade shop when I’m older. Perhaps as a retirement thing to do, own an amusements by the sea.
25. Visit Hollywood – All the glitz and glamor!
26. Make Lemonade – One of the games I played as a kid back in the late 90’s was lemonade tycoon. It was one of the early pillars that got me in to gaming and I’d love to set up a stall outside one day and try to flog some!
27. See a magic show (Penn and Teller style) – None of these small time kids entertainers, I want my mind, heart and soul to be blown.
28. With the kids.. Have an opposite day, dinner for breakfast etc. – Growing up, I’ve always been intrigued how this would go down! I’d love to give it a shot when the kids are bored one summer holiday!
29. Go karting – Strangely, I’ve not done petrol go-karting.
30. Write a open letter to unborn children for them to read when 18 (write when they’re in womb?) – Of course, this would be the pinnacle of an extraordinary present for them to open.
31. Watch a rocket launch – Seeing humanities effort to venture out of our world would be an awesome sight. That may mean going to Florida again!
32. Go to a drive in movie theatre – Like a scene from Grease.
33. Visit the pyramids – Visiting a different side of the world, soaking up the culture from olden times. Definitely would have to buy myself a commemorative Egyptian beetle/Scarab too.
34. Spa day – Destress with all sorts of cosmetic magic that goes on in there. Walk out, feeling and looking like a freshly born baby; because that’s attractive!
35. Ride a segway – Again, something different and fun while you futuristically move from A to B.
36. Make each of my kids a scrapbook – Memories and keepsakes are things I’ve always held dear. Having only gone through my own scrapbook recently (made when I was 10), I can only smile. I want them to experience that too while unforgettable memories are jotted down in an oldschool fashion.
37. Attend a world cup match, ideally England or the final – Any football fans dream really. I’ll be realistic though and state that England won’t get to a final in my lifetime!
38. Water jetpack – Not that I’d have any control or anything. I’d be like a loose hose going off in the garden, spraying the neighbours and the like.
39. Visit Niagara Falls – No place really like it and I know it’d be crammed full of tourists. Still, it’d be a sight to behold, admiring one of the 7 wonders of the world.
40. Do a tour of The Louvre – I’m all for conspiracy theories so kind of fell for the fiction of The Da Vinci Code. I’d still like to admire the artwork at this place just before I visit #41…
41. Go up Eiffel Tower – I presume these are next to each other? Well, Paris is a city of romance and I’d love to see this iconic structure in all its glory.
42. Grand Canyon – My love for America crops up once again in my bucket list. Where else can you visit some huge crack on earth? And don’t say my mum!
43. Work abroad – I guess you could count Camp America… But I’d like to visit some country, work there a few months/years while making new connections and memories.
44. Go on a cruise – It’d be so fun to have a holiday on the seas! All entertainment under one roof and then the excitement of visiting a new country on top!? Sign me up.
45. Visit a jail – A proper, fully functioning one. It’s a side of society that you really forget about in day to day life. I’d love to give it a visit, perhaps speak to a few inmates and see what obscenities are inside. Do they even do visits? I don’t know, but it would definitely be high on my bucket list.
46. Go to a WWF/WWE event – We all know its fake and staged. But the adrenalin and showbiz of it all would be such a laugh!
47. Read Anne Franks Diary – Not high on the list, but at some point in my life, I’d like to have read it.
48. Be on a TV show – These days any old Joe can get on TV. So eventually I’d like to aswell. So don’t be surprised when I’m on a gameshow one day trying to win some wonga!
49. Threesome – This wouldn’t be a bucket list without one.
50. Eventually visit all continents on the earth – Because why not?
51. Send something to space – With a GoPro and everything!
51. Run my own business – And last but not least. The dream.
Please note, there is no mention of skydiving here.
Till the next time,